FBReader for iPhone and iPad

FBReader for iOS is available on the App Store since September 2017. It works on iOS 9.3 and higher.

The app uses the same engine as FBReader for other platforms and supports the same text formats. The “main” formats are ePub, fb2 (including fb2.zip), and mobi (a.k.a. Kindle azw3). The reader also opens HTML, RTF, MS Word documents (*.doc), and plain text. “Non-text formats” like PDF, DjVu, and comics, are currently not supported.

The free version of FBReader for iOS has some limitations. The library size is limited to ten books, and online translators are disabled. You can upgrade to the full version for a fee.

Latest version: 1.1.4, published 23rd May 2022

The current version works on devices with iOS/iPadOS from 9.3 to 15. We will soon release an update that makes the app fully compatible with the upcoming iOS 16.

It does not work with book catalogues (e.g., OPDS). We are working on this feature and will release it later in 2022. The problem is not only technical, as Apple has quite restrictive guidelines for their App Store. In particular, we cannot implement full integration with book stores for iOS devices.

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